Robot Kinection

A rover-like robot that is controlled by hand gestures read by a Microsoft Kinect. First Place at HackPrinceton Spring 2013.

Brief Overview

We built an interface for the Kinect that allowed the user to drag and drop their location and draw a path in space. We did all of this using the OpenNi Kinect SDK (now deprecated) for the Processing environment in Java. A smoothing algorithm was used to translate the coordinates on the screen into an array of integers corresponding to cardinal direction. We mapped this array to signals that were transmitted via FM radio waves to an Arduino that was powering a robot. The Arduino that was controlling the robot interpreted these frequencies, reconstructed the array, and mapped the array to motor movements.

We built this project in 48 hours during HackPrinceton Spring 2013, where we won first place. Unfortunately we were all young and stupid at the time and didn't know how to use version control. Hence, there isn't a git repository for our project. Please feel free to email me for more details.


Ankush Gola, Joseph Bolling, Neil Chatterjee, Pranav Badami